Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rurban Concept by Narendra Modi

Narendra modi has announced a project called rurbanisation and selected 50 towns for it. First let me explain what is Rurban concept.

Rurban in a word itself is a combination of two words Rural + Urban i.e. a town with spirit or soul of rural areas and facilities of urban areas.

At first look, concept looks fantastic, of course it is, but my concern is its implementation. From past records, no doubt he is capable of giving facilities of a city to a village but what about spirit of village ??

What is spirit of  a village?? 

I know I am trying to define a thing which can only be felt but lets try ..

  • Major thing is, people are concerned about each other. In village there is apnapan among people. They celebrate for each other's success, they support each other in tough times.
  • Fresh air because of not that pollution and a lot of greenery.
  • Birds, animals and love for them. For ex.:- Dancing peacock. Dadi maa giving roti to cows.
  • Taste of chapati cooked on a chulha.
  • Eating together, mother serving the food.

Now lets think why this spirit is not there in cities ..

Root cause is, no one is having time in cities. Situation are so worse in major cities that parents are not having time for their children so there is no point talking about whether they will have time for neighbours or families.
Another cause is money mindedness, all they think about is money, how to earn more. So even if they are having time they are interested in earning more not caring their neighbours or families.

नहीं लम्हा भी जिसकी दस्तरस में
वही सदियो की तैयारी करे हैं  
                       ~वसीम बरेलवी

And being practical is an excuse eating all of their emotions. I am ashamed of saying they are becoming emotionless.

My question is can we save villages from these diseases giving all the facilities ??

If answer is yes then next question is how ??
Will they cook any more on a chulha when they will be provided a machine in which Rotis will be made automatically ??

Mentality is a thing we can't force to anybody and specially in a healthy democracy. 

So, what is solution ??

Government should create an awareness department whose job will be to keep an eye on all the changes in behaviour of people when they are given facilities and aware them, educate them. Spiritual and moral education gonna play a major role.

All the solutions are invited, I will try they will reach to Gujarat government.

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