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How president of India elected

The process of election of president of India is complicated and today I will explain it in very easy language and by examples.
The voters of the election are:-
1.       MPs of Lok Sabha
2.       MPs of Rajya Sabha
3.       MLAs of vidhan sabha
The Value of vote of MPs and each MLA is different.
~  Finding Value of vote of MLAs
The value of vote of MLA depends state by state or we can say MLA of each state has different value of his vote.
Divide the total population of the state by Total seat in Vidhansabha of that state and again divide it by 1000 and the result will be the value of vote of MLA.
In Rajasthan Suppose total population is 5,64,73,122 and Number of MLA are 200.
5,64,73,122/200 = 282365.61
Again divide it by 1000
282365.61/1000 = 282.365
The value will be 282.

~ Finding Value of vote of MPs
Note:- The value of vote of MPs of Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha are same.
Now to find the value of vote of MPs
-          Multiply the value of vote of MLAs in a state with number of MLA in that state(do it for each state)
In rajasthan it will be 282 * 200 =  56400
-          Add them
-          Divide it by total number of MPs (Lok Sabha + Rajya Sabha)
This will be the value of vote of MPs
The Voter will give the preference to each candidate.
It will look like :-
1.       Bhairo singh shekhawat
2.       Pratibha Patil
3.       Ram Lal
4.       Mohan singh
~ Now I will explain how counting is done …..
To win the election a candidate must get (total number of valid votes divided by 2) +1
Suppose candidate get first prefernce votes like:-
1.       Bhairo singh shekhawat---- 5,250
2.        Pratibha Patil  --- ----------------4,800
3.        Ram Lal---------------------------- 2,700
4.         Mohan singh-------  ------------2,250
Total Number of Valid votes = 5250 + 4800 + 2700 + 2250 = 15000
15000/2 = 7500
7500+1= 7501
So a candidate need 7501 votes to win the election, as you can see no one has got that
Now Last candidate will be out of the race and his votes will be distributed between remaining three on the basis of second preference.
Now Mohan singh is out of the race his first preference votes are 2250 now suppose in these 2250 ballot papers the second preference is recorded as :-
 Bhairo singh shekhawat - 300
Pratibha Patil  - 1050
Ram Lal – 900
These will be transferred and added to the first preferences in favour of 1, 2 and 3 as follows
A . Bhairo singh shekhawat.. 5,250 + 300 = 5,550
B Pratibha Patil.. 4,800 + 1050 = 5,850
C . Ram Lal-. 2,700 + 900 = 3,600

Now in the second count, therefore, C having obtained the last number of votes is eliminated and 3,600 votes secured by him are once again transferred to A and B in the order of third preferences recorded thereon.
Suppose the third preferences on the 3,600 ballot papers recorded in favour of A and B are 1700 and 1900 respectively the result of this second transfer would then be as under:

A Bhairo singh shekhawat. 5,550 + 1,700 = 7,250
B Pratibha Patil   5,850 + 1,900 = 7,750

Now Pratibha patil have votes more than 7501 so she wins.

As you can see in first preference Bhairo singh shekhawat was ahead but at last Pratibha patil wins.

Note :- The statistics used in this post is imaginary and its aim is to make people understand the process easily.

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