Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ten important suggestions for election

The article is taken from rasrang,dainik bhaskar. The cover story is from Aditya shankar dubey. I translated it into English. I may or may not agree with the suggestion. We will discuss about each point in the comments.
The suggestions are:-

1) Compulsory voting: The voting should be compulsory from gram panchayat to parliament.

2) Cancel public representative : People should be given right to cancel the selection of a public representative by voing if they are not satisfied by his work.

3) Elect party, not candidate : Voters elect their favorite party instead of electing a candidate and candidate of that party will be elected.

4)Fifty Percent votes are compulsory : To win a election the candidate must get fifty percent votes. If winner candidate has not got 50% vote then in next Stage election will be between first two candidate.

5)All elections together: All election whether gram panchayat or state or center should be done together.

6) If no party gets the majority in election then all party togther will form the government.

7) Control on number of parties : Election committee should operate the process of registration of party on the basis of their performance in the election. Election committee should increase The minimum number of primary member  of a party.

 8) Bail amount should be increased to control not serious candidates.

9) Only One Seat: Candidates must not allowed to contest election from more than one seat.

10) One Voter list: For all elections whther parliament or assemblies or else , Only one voter list should be used.
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Was it right or wrong?

On 26 jan.when whole nation was celebrating 62nd republic day, at 8:00 PM somebody murdered a guy whose age was just around 31. He came with a purpose to loot him. The police was caught badly drunk. It was 6th incident in town in just 2 and half month. No one is arrested yet in last 5 incidents. One caught was escaped due to poor clause. The Outrageous public jammed the national highway no. 8. Was it right or wrong??
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

FAQ on Tiranga Yatra

1. By doing this kashmir`s peaceful environment will violated!!
 If Gandhi, bhagat subhash chandra bose and many freedom fighters would have thought that by doing agitation or march , peace will violate in the country then we may not get freedom. What kind of peace they are talking about? Separatists are challenging us and we are behaving like a coward. We don`t need peace on the price of kashmir.

2. It is political drama!!
It may be the case, but then also the flag should be hoisted at lal chowk. What message you are giving to separatist?

3. Only BJP workers are patriotic!!
No, it is not the case. I am not a BJP worker but I am patriotic and then also I want to hoist the flag in the lal chowk. And I will welcome if prime minister on the behalf of whole nation hoist the flag in the lal chowk.

4. Why only Lal chowk?
Lal chowk is the place where all anti-national activities by the separatists are executed. It is a symbol to show them that we are alive. And we have not surrendered in front of you.

If they don`t allow to hoist the flag my heart will break.

है भारत माँ, कल तिरंगा शान से लाल चौक में लहराए.....

तेरा वैभव अमर रहे माँ
हम दिन चार रहे ना रहे
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How to apply for NREGA

Today, I will explain what is the process of registering to NREGA and how to get job from it.

NREGA is an Act to provide a legal guarantee of 100 days of wage employment
in a year to every rural household whose adult members volunteer to do
unskilled manual work. He/she will get the minimum wage rate notified for
agricultural labour in the State until the Central Government notifies a minimum
wage rate, which in any case shall not be less than Rs. 60 per day.

To Apply for the NREGA give an application to gram panchayat .

Panchayat will verify two things:-
1) are you an adult
2) are you belong to same village.

Then they will issue a job card for you (this should be done within 15 days) :-

Now to get employment you should submit application to the gram panchayat or programme officer(at block office). The demand has to be for at least 14 days of continuous work.
Not forget to take reciept from gram panchayat.
Then a letter from panchayat will come with information of your job. If your job is not within 5 km radius you will get allowance for it.
You will get your payment weekly.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

About my Blog`s Name

First of all, I decided to give my blog the name "". But then I thought I can`t change my name but I can change my blog`s name. And then I chose ""

Now also somebody will find out my religion in my name but I am requsting you all that I am Indian and India is my religion. I don`t live in India but India lives in me.

I write article as an indian and not as jainy , rajasthani or something else.

Jai hind
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Saturday, January 22, 2011

List of states having legislative council

Here I am giving A list of states having Vidhan Parishad (Legislative council)


Andhra Pradesh





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Thursday, January 20, 2011

How president of India elected

The process of election of president of India is complicated and today I will explain it in very easy language and by examples.
The voters of the election are:-
1.       MPs of Lok Sabha
2.       MPs of Rajya Sabha
3.       MLAs of vidhan sabha
The Value of vote of MPs and each MLA is different.
~  Finding Value of vote of MLAs
The value of vote of MLA depends state by state or we can say MLA of each state has different value of his vote.
Divide the total population of the state by Total seat in Vidhansabha of that state and again divide it by 1000 and the result will be the value of vote of MLA.
In Rajasthan Suppose total population is 5,64,73,122 and Number of MLA are 200.
5,64,73,122/200 = 282365.61
Again divide it by 1000
282365.61/1000 = 282.365
The value will be 282.

~ Finding Value of vote of MPs
Note:- The value of vote of MPs of Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha are same.
Now to find the value of vote of MPs
-          Multiply the value of vote of MLAs in a state with number of MLA in that state(do it for each state)
In rajasthan it will be 282 * 200 =  56400
-          Add them
-          Divide it by total number of MPs (Lok Sabha + Rajya Sabha)
This will be the value of vote of MPs
The Voter will give the preference to each candidate.
It will look like :-
1.       Bhairo singh shekhawat
2.       Pratibha Patil
3.       Ram Lal
4.       Mohan singh
~ Now I will explain how counting is done …..
To win the election a candidate must get (total number of valid votes divided by 2) +1
Suppose candidate get first prefernce votes like:-
1.       Bhairo singh shekhawat---- 5,250
2.        Pratibha Patil  --- ----------------4,800
3.        Ram Lal---------------------------- 2,700
4.         Mohan singh-------  ------------2,250
Total Number of Valid votes = 5250 + 4800 + 2700 + 2250 = 15000
15000/2 = 7500
7500+1= 7501
So a candidate need 7501 votes to win the election, as you can see no one has got that
Now Last candidate will be out of the race and his votes will be distributed between remaining three on the basis of second preference.
Now Mohan singh is out of the race his first preference votes are 2250 now suppose in these 2250 ballot papers the second preference is recorded as :-
 Bhairo singh shekhawat - 300
Pratibha Patil  - 1050
Ram Lal – 900
These will be transferred and added to the first preferences in favour of 1, 2 and 3 as follows
A . Bhairo singh shekhawat.. 5,250 + 300 = 5,550
B Pratibha Patil.. 4,800 + 1050 = 5,850
C . Ram Lal-. 2,700 + 900 = 3,600

Now in the second count, therefore, C having obtained the last number of votes is eliminated and 3,600 votes secured by him are once again transferred to A and B in the order of third preferences recorded thereon.
Suppose the third preferences on the 3,600 ballot papers recorded in favour of A and B are 1700 and 1900 respectively the result of this second transfer would then be as under:

A Bhairo singh shekhawat. 5,550 + 1,700 = 7,250
B Pratibha Patil   5,850 + 1,900 = 7,750

Now Pratibha patil have votes more than 7501 so she wins.

As you can see in first preference Bhairo singh shekhawat was ahead but at last Pratibha patil wins.

Note :- The statistics used in this post is imaginary and its aim is to make people understand the process easily.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

A Gazhal

Today I read a Gazhal written by my father, Mr. Bhawishya dutt 'bhawishya'. I liked it very much and I am posting it, hope you will also like it.

रोशनी मद्धम हुई अब क्या करें,

साजिशें, सूरज ने की अब क्या करें |

ढील देकर खेंच लेता डोर को,

हर पतंग ऐसे कटी अब क्या करें |

बेपरों की ज़िंदगी, परवाज़ पर,

तब्सरा करने लगी अब क्या करें |

पहले ही तो धूप यां आती नहीं,

बंद होने को गली, अब क्या करें |

नफरते ही नफरते हैं शहर में,

प्यार की सूखी नदी अब क्या करें |

इस कदर खामोश हैं यां लोग की,

चीखने चुप्पी लगी अब क्या करें |

भविष्य दत्त 'भविष्य'
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Criteria for BPL family in india

Today I will explain criteria for BPL family in India.

~A family whose income annual income is less than Rs 20,000 and
~Not having 2 hactares of land/ pucca ghar / TV/ fridge / Motor cycle etc.

3,87,660 families are declared BPL in 9th survey in 2002.

 In Kerala however criteria is different.

click here to know criteria in kerala

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Aankh vala andhaa

This is an article on prime minister manmohan singh regarding corruption and recent 2-g spectrum scam.

He is blind. But he do not know that he is because he is having an eye.
There are two types of blinds in the world. One, without eyes and second having eyes. Blinds, Not having eyes are recognised easily but it is hard to recognise the ones with eyes. But he is, definitely a blind with eye.
He is not able to see anything or we can say he do not want to see anything.

In past There was three monkeys of gandhiji(Mahatma Gandhi). One closed his eyes, one closed ears and one closed mouth. But today,gandhiji(Sonia gandhi) is having only one. and he has closed his eyes as well as his ears and mouth. He is following the gandhi in the way-bura mat dekho, bura mat suno, bura mat kaho.

CAG Report said that we had revenue loss of Rs 1.76 lakh crore due to non-auctioning of the spectrum. The point is what was PM doing when this policy is applied? The Supreme Court rightly asked, was the Prime Minister sleeping?  India`s biggest scandal happened in his cabinet and he is sitting in his PMO having a finger on his mouth just like a child of LKG.

Congress gave a statement that PM is honest.  He did not knew about it.  The whole case justifies an old statement of Lal krishna advani that "he is weakest prime minister ever" .  Has he any value in the cabinet or not?

After biggest scam ever opposition is asking for the JPC which is quite natural but congress is not accepting it. congress has a list of excuses. Whole winter session has wasted. Congress is not accepting the demand of JPC . What congress wants to hide? if congress is very innocent then it should not hesitate from any enquiry.

Mean while PM once broke the silence and said "I am ready to appear against PAC" . And after within 24 hours pranab da threatened him saying that "he should not give any statement without discussing". really he is very weak Prime minister.

Now I expect from the BJP as a good opposition stick with his demand of JPC and from PM take the permission of sonia gandhi to clarify what he was doing when the biggest scandal happened???
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Criteria for state political party in india

Today I will explain criteria for state political party in very simple language. And Then I will give statewise list of the state political parties.

The party should complete one of the two following conditions:-

1) It is involved in political activities for the continuous five years and
  * in the last general election(aam chunav) the party has at least one member over every twenty five member from that state in the house of people (lok sabha) or any fraction of that number.
ex:- There are 25 members from rajasthan in the loksabha, so party need at least one member in the loksabha
*in the last assembly election(vidhan sabha ke chunaav) the party has at least one member over every thirty members in the vidhansabha(Lagislative assembly) or any fraction of that number.
ex:-In rajasthan there 200 members in the vidhan sabha so party need at least 6 members in the vidhan sabha.

2) It should get at least 6% of the total valid votes in the general election from that state or in the assembly election.

Now I am giving the list of state parties in India state by state:-

1. Andhra Pradesh

        1. Praja Rajyam Party
        2. Telangana Rashtra Samithi
        3. Telugu Desam

2. Arunachal Pradesh
        1.Arunachal Congress
        2.All India Trinmool Congress
        3.People`s party of arunachal

3. Assam
        1. All India United Democratic Front
        2. Asom Gana Parishad
        3. Bodoland Peoples Front

4. Bihar
        1. Janata Dal (United)
        2. Lok Jan Shakti Party

5. Goa
        1.Maharashtrawadi Gomantak
        2. Save Goa Front

6. Haryana
        1. Haryana Janhit Congress (BL)
        2. Indian National Lok Dal

7. Jammu & Kashmir
        1. Jammu & Kashmir National Conference
        2. Jammu & Kashmir National Panthers Party
        3. Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Democratic Party

8. Jharkhand
        1. Janata Dal (United)
        2. Jharkhand Mukti Morcha
        3. Jharkhand VikasMorcha (Prajatantrik)
        4.AJSU party

9. Karnataka
         Janata Dal (Secular

10. Kerala
         1. Janata Dal (Secular)
         2. Kerala Congress
         3. Kerala Congress (M)
         4. Muslim League Kerala State Committee

11. Madhya Pradesh
          Samajwadi Party

12. Maharashtra
         1.Shiv Sena
         2.Maharashtra Navnirman Sena

13. Manipur
         1. Manipur People’s Party
         2. National People’s Party

14. Meghalaya
          1. All India Trinamool Congress
          2. United Democratic Party

15. Mizoram
          1. Mizo National Front
          2. Mizoram People’s Conference
          3. Zoram Nationalist Party

16. Nagaland
          Nagaland Peoples Front

17. Orissa
         1. Biju Janata Dal
         2. Jharkhand Mukti Morcha

18. Puducherry
         1.All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam
         2.Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam
         3. Pattali Makkal Katchi
         4. Pudhucherry Munnetra

20. Sikkim
         Sikkim Democratic Front

21. Tamil Nadu
         1.All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam
         2.Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam
         3.Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam
         4. Pattali Makkal Katchi

22. Uttar Pradesh
         1. Rashtriya Lok Dal
         2. Samajwadi Party

23. Uttarakhand
         1.Samajwadi Party
         2. Uttarakhand Kranti Dal

24. West Bengal
         1.All India Forward Bloc
         2. All India Trinamool Congress
         3. Revolutionary Socialist Party

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Vote percentage should be increased

एक सप्ताह पहले मैं मधुबन, झारखण्ड में था | मभुबन में शिखर जी एक जैन तीर्थ हैं | वहा पर पर्वत की 27 किलोमीटर की चढ़ाई हैं | कई डोली वाले होते हैं वहा पर | एक दिन मैंने पहाड़ पर देखा की डोली वाले बहुत कम हैं | मैंने एक से पूछा क्या बात हैं आज डोली वाले बहुत कम हैं | उसने कहा बाबूजी आज चुनाव है | मैंने पूछा तुम नहीं गए वोट देने | उसने अंगुली का निशाँ बताते हुए कहा "दे कर आया हु" | आज काम पर नहीं आये तो आज तुम सब का नुकसान नहीं होगा क्या? तो उस का जवाब सुन कर मैं अचंभित रह गया | उसने कहा "वोट नहीं देते तो गलत आदमी चुन कर आ जाता , पाच साल झेलना पड़ता, वोट देना बहुत जरूरी हें"

I was really stunned at that time. People are becoming really aware. It simply showing India shining. But at the one end backward people are becoming aware, rich people do not care to vote. Actually they have no time for voting like stupid things. They all are dependent. They need servants for every work. Election comission should consider my suggestion. Allow servants of rich people to vote instead of them. At least 80 % voting should be done. In the up election 2007, BSP got not more than 30% vote and then also he is the ruling party. What kind of democracy it is ? In which 70 % people do not support the ruling party. I don`t know how but vote percentage should be increased. People must vote. Then only we can say government of the people by the people and for the people.
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Procedure to make birth certificate

Here I am giving step by step procedure to make birth certificate in India. In the case you are born on or after 26.01.1989, only birth certificate issued by the Municipal authority or the office of the registrar of births & deaths is acceptable as a proof for date of birth to make passport and other documents. So to make your work simple. I am giving step by step procedure:-

1. Buy a form (generally it is an application to tahseeldar requesting him to give permission to issue your birth certificate having 2 rupee court fee) It costs rs 20 to 30

2. In application father will be the applicant and he declares the birth date and place with his signature.

3. Next, you nead affidavit of your father

4. Next, you nead affidavit or confession of two neighbours.

5. Next, you need secretary report to give permission to make your birth certificate.

6. Next, you need patvary report to give permission to make your birth certificate.

7. Now submitt it to Municipal authority or the office of the registrar of births & deaths and take your birth certificate within half an hour

Guys, it is very easy process and never give any commission price or bribe regarding it.

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Home

Home is not just made of walls, doors and windows. It needs something more. Home can be made heaven or hell. It completely depends on the members of it. Look at a sher –

मैं कुछ बेहतर ढूंढ रहा हूँ
घर में हूँ घर ढूंढ रहा हूँ                       -Vigyan Vrat

Here I am giving some tips to make a home heaven.

~ Take dinner together – Set your busy schedule in such a manner that at dinner you are with your whole family.

~Respect each other- Follow the policy “give respect and take respect”. Sometimes also show them that you are giving respect to them. Small things like birthday and anniversary wishing matters a lot, a lot … Keep it mind.

~Prioritize your family- Give priority to your family over your friends, office members etc. and also show them that you are giving priority to them.

~Communicate with each other – If you are disagree with others on some issues then don`t stop communication. Communicate with them and sort out the problem. Remember never stop communication.

~Trust each other

~Anger is natural but if one is angry then other should keep silence.

~Start morning with fresh mind.

I hope this article will be valuable. At last-

उसके घर जो दुनिया भर हैं
उस दुनिया में कितना घर हैं                     -Vigyan Vrat
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