Monday, February 28, 2011

criteria for bpl family in kerala

Today, I will explain criteria to declare a family BPL in Kerala. Kerala has different criteria than other states.

In Kerala there are nine parameters and family which lack access of four or more parameters is declared as BPL.

Nine parameters for urban areas.

1. No land or less than 5 cents worth of land. (a cent equals to 1/100 acre or 40.468 meter square)

2. No House or dilapidated house. (tuta-futa ghar)

3. No sanitation toilet.

4. Family without color television.

5. No regular employed person in the family.

6.  No access to safe drinking water.

7. Women headed household or presence of widow or divorced.

8.  SC/ST

9. Mentally retarded or disabled member in the family.

Nine parameters for rural areas :-

Only 1 parameter is different color television criteria is replaced by "family with illiterate adult member".

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