Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Top 50 private B-school of India

Today I am Posting top 50 business institutes of India, Hope it will help you.

1. Jeviyer labour relation institute, jamshedpur, jharkhand.

2. S. P. jain institute of management and research, mumbai, maharashtra .

3. Mudra institute of communication , ahmadabad , gujrat.

4. IMT, ghaziabad, UP

5. Jeviyerinstitute of management , bhuvaneshwar, orissa.

6. T.A. pai management institute, manipal, sikkiam.

7. k.j. somaiya institute of management studies and research, mumbai, maharashtra.

8. institute of management, nirma university, ahmadabad, gujrat

9. kraist university, institute of management, banglore.

10. aacharya institute of management and sciences, banglore .

11. EMPI business school , Delhi

12. Indus Business academy, bangalore

13. Lovely Professional University, fagwara, punjab.

14. gyan jyoti institute of management and technology, mohali, punjab

15 Fortune institute ofinternational business, delhi

16. eastern institute for integrated learning in management, kolkata .

17. International institute of business studies, Banglore

18. Skyline Business school, New delhi

19. Asian School business management, bhuwaneshwar, orissa

20. Takshshila Business school, jaipur, rajasthan ..

21. Rajgiri center for business studies , kochi, kerala

22. shiva shivani institute of management, sikandarabad, Andhrapradesh

23. Accurate institute of management and tech., greater noida

24. Netaji subash institute of management sciences, delhi

25. sanghvi institute of management and science, indore, MP

26. Achayrya`s bangluru b-school (ABBS)

27. KLS institute of management education and research, belgaon, karnataka

28. National School of Business, banglore

29. I.T.S. institute of management, Gr. Noida UP

30. Dept. of Management studies, Amrapali institute, uttarakhand.

31. Dra. Gaur hari singhaniya  institute of management and research, kanpur, U.P.

 32. I.P.S. academy  institute of business managementand research indore, MP

33. Shiva institute of management studies, ghaziabad, UP

34. Indus business Academy, Gr. Noida, UP

35. Balaji institute of modern management, pune, maharashtra (BIMM)

36. Sidhh gangainstitute of technlogy, tumkur, karnataka

37. IIKM Business school, chennai

38. Dutta Megha institute of management studies , nagpur, maharashtra

39. Jagannath international management school, new delhi

40. school of management studies, wales university, chennai

41. aloysiyas institute of management and information technology, manglore, karnataka

42. AICAR business school, Neral, maharashtra

43. ICBM school of business excellence, Hyderabad

44. The Oxford college of business management, banglore

45. Holygrace academy of management studies , kerala

46. arked business college, patna, bihar

47. Bharat University, Department of management studies, chennai

48.Aryan business school, chandigarh

49. Oriental education society , navi mumbai, maharashtra

50. Maharaja agrasen institute of management and technology , jagardhi, haryana

Source: Menline accurate Media Network via Bhaskar Lakshya

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

How many members legislative council can have?

Today, I will explain how many members legislative council(Vidhan Parishad) of a state in India can have.

~ It has not more than one third of the total number of MLAs in the state.

~ Not Less than 40.

However, Legislative Council of Jammu and Kashmir has 36 members vide Section 50 of the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir.

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How Members of Legislative Council are elected

Today, I will explain how members of legislative council (vidhan parishad) of a state in India are elected.

1. One third(1/3) by MLAs among people who are not part of it.

2. One third by electorates(matdata). And Electorates includes members of municipalities, district boards and other local bodies in the states.

3. One-twelfth by electorate consisting of persons who have been, for at least three years, engaged in teaching in educational institutions within the state not lower in standard than secondary school.

4.One-twelfth by registered graduates of more than three years standing.

5. Remaining members are nominated by Governor from among those who have distinguished themselves in literature, science, art, cooperative movement and social service.

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