Thursday, March 31, 2011

How to play sitoliya

Today, I will explain how to play sitoliya step by step. In maharashtra it is called lingorchya, pitthoo in haryana and lagori in karnataka.

Now how it is played:-

1. 7 piece of stones. Stones should be such that we can make heap of them.
2. A Ball.
3. A ground.

Teams :- You can make two teams as many players can play it. just equally divide them. A minimum of six players will be good.

Step 1 :- Make heap of 7 stones in the center.

Step 2 :- From center, measure around 8 feet to mark line from where one of the team throw ball to the heap of stones.

Step3 :- Now 1 team will bat and other will field , decide it by toss or mutual understanding.

Step 4 :- 1 player of batting team will throw the ball and one player of fielding team will stand to catch the ball. And others will spread in the ground.

Step 5 :- batting team can not cross the boundaries otherwise they are out.

Step 6 :- Now player will throw the ball.

case 1:- opponent player catches the ball in one tip and stones are not destructed then player will be out next player will come.
case2 :- opponent player can not catch the ball and stones are also not destructed then he will get another chance up to 3 and after three chances he will out and next player will come.
case3 :- opponent player catches the ball and also stones are destructed then player will get chance from one.
case4 :-  opponent player can not catch the ball and stones are destructed now the drama begins.

step 7 :- The aim of the batting team is to arrange stones back in the heap then shout sitoliya and fielding team is to hit the ball to batting player.

step 8 :- Fielding team can not run while having ball in the hand, they can pass the ball to their teammates.

step 9 :- If batting team is able to arrange stones back they will got one point and their all players who are out will alive again.

step 10 :- If fielding team is able to hit the ball to any one of batting team member then whole batting team will be out and fielding team will do batting.

step 11 :- The team which scores seven points first will be winner.

Following Skills are required to play the game :-

1. Throwing ball.
2. Escaping hit from ball if you are in batting team.
3. Arranging stones quickly if you are in batting team.
4. Distracting opposite team from the stones.

This is how sitoliya is played. If you have any problem then we will discuss it in comments.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

What are the qualifications for election as president

Today , I will post the required qualification to fought election to become president of India.

1. Should be Citizen of India.

2. Age should be more than 35 years.

3. Should not be member of any house of parliament nor legislature.

4.Should not hold any office of profit under government of India or any state.
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Top Institute of journalism in india

Today I am posting Top Institute of journalism.

1. The Dilli school of Communication Course.

2. Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication, pune

3. Indian institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi

4. A J Kidwai Mass communication Research Center .

5. National Institute of Social Communication, Research and training , Ghaziabad

6. Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan , New Delhi

7. Makhanlal Chaturvedi Rashtriya Patrakarita Vishvavidyalaya , Bhopal

8. Bhartiya Jansanchar sansthan, New Delhi

9. Jamiya Milliya Islamiya  New Delhi

10. Bhartiya chalchitra evam Television sansthan ,pune

11. Tamilnadu film evam Television sansthan , Chennai

12. vidya bhavan jansanchar evam prabandhan mahavidyalaya , kolkata

13 Guru Jambheshvar vishvavidyalaya, hisar Haryana

14 Rajasthan University

15 Pune University

16 Jeviar patrakarita sansthan , Mumbai

Hope it will Help You
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Judgment on Rishabhdeo temple dispute By Supreme Court

Today I am posting step by step procedure to read judgment by supreme court on Rishabhdeo temple dispute. Rishabhdeo is situated in udaipur district of rajasthan state.

1) Click on the link below:-

2)  In the left panel click on "Date of judgement" Tab.

3) Now a form will open.

4) From Date : 04- Jan -2007
    To date : 04 - Jan - 2007
    Reportable : All

5) Now click on "submit" Button.

6) Now a table will open go to serial number 3, Its title is "Deewan Singh & Ors. vs. Rajendra Prasad ARdevi & Ors" . In this row click on "Click here to see Subject, Head Notes, Citation and Judgment" , The last column.

7) Here comes the judgment.

8) To see it in pdf format click on "click here to see in pdf format" In top-right side.

Hope this will help to understand what supreme court`s actual judgment was !!!!!

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