Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Judgment on Rishabhdeo temple dispute By Supreme Court

Today I am posting step by step procedure to read judgment by supreme court on Rishabhdeo temple dispute. Rishabhdeo is situated in udaipur district of rajasthan state.

1) Click on the link below:-

2)  In the left panel click on "Date of judgement" Tab.

3) Now a form will open.

4) From Date : 04- Jan -2007
    To date : 04 - Jan - 2007
    Reportable : All

5) Now click on "submit" Button.

6) Now a table will open go to serial number 3, Its title is "Deewan Singh & Ors. vs. Rajendra Prasad ARdevi & Ors" . In this row click on "Click here to see Subject, Head Notes, Citation and Judgment" , The last column.

7) Here comes the judgment.

8) To see it in pdf format click on "click here to see in pdf format" In top-right side.

Hope this will help to understand what supreme court`s actual judgment was !!!!!

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