Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Truth of Reservation

Many people in this country want to join politics but they do not have the qualification. You must be thinking that, to contest election what qualification is needed because there are many in the parliament that do not know even counting. But I want to clear one thing that I am not talking about educational qualification because to run this country there is no need to be educated. Politicians make us count many advantages of being educated but often on the question of why there is no need of a MLA being educated, they keep great silence. Well, I am talking about racial qualification. Many people want to serve the nation but they fail in the exam of caste. Today to clear exam of caste is also a big deal. But point to be noted is that in these sixty years how many backwards got benefit of this reservation policy which is made only for ten years. Is this policy really crutch for lame or only delusion of being a crutch. Because truth will come out when lame will raise the crutches. Do lame wants to walk or we can say, In these sixty years how many lames even touched the crutch or we can say how many lame even know sense of the crutch. And how long the lame will stand on his own feet. Are we teaching the lame how to stand on our own feet through the crutch or we are just making him dependent on the crutch because we have delusion that until lame is dependent on crutch our political aims will easily complete. But naturally question arises that in the process of running the lame, are we stopping a healthy man from walking.

The bitter truth is that I(gen. category) cannot contest the election of sarpanch , MLA, MP from my constituency.

Isn`t it a exploitation of my basic right to contest election. Is anybody listening me? Will Reservation policy will end ever… Remember it was made only for ten years.
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kaun Bana Karorepati???

Kaun Banega carorepati. Four seasons have passed away. The no. of carorepati has not crossed even tense place. We become carorepati or not who is concerned! but You mr. Amitabh bachchan! You have become carorepati in this game. And Star plus and Sony owners have become carorepati. And Those companies have become carorepati which are giving advertisement in this serial. We 100 carore can only become FOOL, not carorepati.

kaun bana karorepati title=

This is not a serial, it is a new type of casino. From last 63 years all are fooling us by make us dream higher, even higher. They make us dream about removing poverty. The one who saw it, has gone below poverty line. We know that who became the carorepati. In this country, if earthquake comes then there are many who become carorepati on the name of earthquake. By making carore people cry, how somebody became carorepati we can easily see in this country.

Gandhiji spended all his life in a langoti and by his name there are many who not just become carorepati but arabpati. Dear Amitabh Bachchan ! Don`t teach them how to become carorepati by comfort. If you want to teach them , then teach that how a man become carorepati with struggle. We have a long list who become carorepati by comfort, in which many Harshad Mehta, many A.raja , Many suresh kalmadi are included.

Now I want to ask you only one question worth 1 carore. Will u Answer? How will Nation`s Poverty and unemployement will remove? a)by You b) By Sony or star Plus c) by politicians d) by Struggle. I know only in the greed of 1 carore you will not give the right answer of this question, because if you show others the path of struggle then you will become Roadpati for sure.

India is my Religion
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How to get help from CM relief fund in Rajasthan

~ Help to Injured and dependents of man who dies in an accident
1. If you are dependent of a man who dies in accident than you can get Rs 20,000 help
2. If you are seriously injured then you will get help of Rs 5000
3. If you are partially injured then you will get help of rs 2500
The help will be approved by District collector
You need following documents…
1 simple application
2. Injury report/postmartem report
3. F.I.R.
~ If you have serious Disease
To get benefit Your annual income should be less than Rs 40,000.
Write a simple application and it is to be submitted to Room N0.-22-p,main building,secretriat Click here to get sample
The certificate of your family income is less than rs 40,000 approved by ‘tahseeldar’Click here to get sample

The expected expenditure aprroved by the doctor.
Click here to get sample

An affidavit of your annual income.
Click here to get sample

Photo copy of ‘rashan card’

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Various Dates about Afzal Guru

13- 12- 2001- Parliament attack

14-5-2002- Report filed by investigation agency

18 - 12- 2002 – verdict of trial court

29-10-2003 – High court gives the judgement of death sentence

04-08-2005 – Supreme Court reatained the death sentence

20-10-2006 – The Afzal Guru Was to put to death

2006 – Afzal Guru`s wife tabassum moved a mercy petition to the president

After that till today the file is transefered from one ministry to other and home ministry refuses to disclose information on afzal guru`s mercy petition under 8 (1)(g)

Applicant had asked for information regarding Mercy petitions pending with the Home Ministry including the following information:

~ Summary of File Movement within the Ministry for each of the Petitions showing:

Officer and Section to whom sent, Date of sending, Date of returning.

~ Dates of reference to NCT and other concerned State Govt. and dates of receipt of final recommendation from them

~ Officer/Section in charge of the matter in the Ministry of Home Affairs

~Copies of Ministry File Notings in respect of each of the references pending with the ministry.

Now one Ques. For You…

Wil Afzal guru be Hanged till death ever…

India is my Religion
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Sunday, December 12, 2010

How are members of Rajya Sabha elected?

Members of Rajya Sabha are elected by the elected members of the Assemblies of States and Union territories in accordance with the system of proportional representation by means of the single transferable vote.

what is system of proportional representation..

The basic approach of proportional representation is simple: MLAs are elected in multimember districts instead of single-member districts, and the number of seats that a party wins in an election is proportional to the amount of its support among voters. So if you have a 10-member district and the BJP win 50% of the vote, they receive five of the ten seats. If the Congress win 30% of the vote, they get three seats; and if a third party gets 20% of the vote, they win two seats. Electoral system designers have devised several ways to achieve these proportional results, and so there are three basic kinds of PR described below: party list, mixed-member, and single-transferable vote (also called choice voting).

What is single transferable vote.

The single transferable vote system is designed to ensure more diverse representation, by reducing the opportunity for blocks of voters to dominate minorities. The ballot paper lists all candidates standing for election and the voters' list them in order of preference. A threshold number of votes, known as the ‘quota’ is set, which candidates have to achieve to be elected. The quota is set at the number of votes that can be attained by just enough MLAs to fill all the seats but no more. Votes that are deemed surplus, those given to candidates who have already got a full quota of votes, or votes given to candidates who are deemed to be losing candidates, are transferred according to the voter’s listed preferences, until the right number of candidates have been elected

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