Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kaun Bana Karorepati???

Kaun Banega carorepati. Four seasons have passed away. The no. of carorepati has not crossed even tense place. We become carorepati or not who is concerned! but You mr. Amitabh bachchan! You have become carorepati in this game. And Star plus and Sony owners have become carorepati. And Those companies have become carorepati which are giving advertisement in this serial. We 100 carore can only become FOOL, not carorepati.

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This is not a serial, it is a new type of casino. From last 63 years all are fooling us by make us dream higher, even higher. They make us dream about removing poverty. The one who saw it, has gone below poverty line. We know that who became the carorepati. In this country, if earthquake comes then there are many who become carorepati on the name of earthquake. By making carore people cry, how somebody became carorepati we can easily see in this country.

Gandhiji spended all his life in a langoti and by his name there are many who not just become carorepati but arabpati. Dear Amitabh Bachchan ! Don`t teach them how to become carorepati by comfort. If you want to teach them , then teach that how a man become carorepati with struggle. We have a long list who become carorepati by comfort, in which many Harshad Mehta, many A.raja , Many suresh kalmadi are included.

Now I want to ask you only one question worth 1 carore. Will u Answer? How will Nation`s Poverty and unemployement will remove? a)by You b) By Sony or star Plus c) by politicians d) by Struggle. I know only in the greed of 1 carore you will not give the right answer of this question, because if you show others the path of struggle then you will become Roadpati for sure.

India is my Religion
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  1. Its true Buddy !

    Its India mate and I think it's impossible to remove Poverty Unemployment from here.

    a) I alone can not do that(This has to be initiated by many).
    b) Sony,Star Plus they are already Crore Pati(nd becoming more day by day).
    c) That's the main reason why India is lagging behind.
    d) First point is applicable for this also.

    May be which I have written is disliked by someone but its true :(

  2. Don`t be hopeless.
    We are improving day by day..
    The thing is speed is slow...
    But we will remove poverty and unemployment thats for sure...

  3. With such a huge population and over 70% still below poverty line. More than 40% of our politicians have criminal records.
    So no single person or institution can change the system.
    The thing Kaun Banega Crorepati did is bring happiness to some of them. If you notice, most of the contestants were poor. So in the end think that most of them got their life changed. Its true that sony and Mr. Bachchan also made money, but where did they said that they are just doing social service for free ?

  4. @ akash...

    In process of reaching at hot seat one atleast spent rs 1000 in sms and all other stuff.
    And again I used kaun banega carorepati as a symbol. What I want to say from that symbol is that do not come in temptations. Hard work and struggle is ultimate way to become carorepati and icon like Amitabh Bachchan should promote that only..

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