Monday, December 13, 2010

Various Dates about Afzal Guru

13- 12- 2001- Parliament attack

14-5-2002- Report filed by investigation agency

18 - 12- 2002 – verdict of trial court

29-10-2003 – High court gives the judgement of death sentence

04-08-2005 – Supreme Court reatained the death sentence

20-10-2006 – The Afzal Guru Was to put to death

2006 – Afzal Guru`s wife tabassum moved a mercy petition to the president

After that till today the file is transefered from one ministry to other and home ministry refuses to disclose information on afzal guru`s mercy petition under 8 (1)(g)

Applicant had asked for information regarding Mercy petitions pending with the Home Ministry including the following information:

~ Summary of File Movement within the Ministry for each of the Petitions showing:

Officer and Section to whom sent, Date of sending, Date of returning.

~ Dates of reference to NCT and other concerned State Govt. and dates of receipt of final recommendation from them

~ Officer/Section in charge of the matter in the Ministry of Home Affairs

~Copies of Ministry File Notings in respect of each of the references pending with the ministry.

Now one Ques. For You…

Wil Afzal guru be Hanged till death ever…

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