Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rurban Concept by Narendra Modi

Narendra modi has announced a project called rurbanisation and selected 50 towns for it. First let me explain what is Rurban concept.

Rurban in a word itself is a combination of two words Rural + Urban i.e. a town with spirit or soul of rural areas and facilities of urban areas.

At first look, concept looks fantastic, of course it is, but my concern is its implementation. From past records, no doubt he is capable of giving facilities of a city to a village but what about spirit of village ??

What is spirit of  a village?? 

I know I am trying to define a thing which can only be felt but lets try ..

  • Major thing is, people are concerned about each other. In village there is apnapan among people. They celebrate for each other's success, they support each other in tough times.
  • Fresh air because of not that pollution and a lot of greenery.
  • Birds, animals and love for them. For ex.:- Dancing peacock. Dadi maa giving roti to cows.
  • Taste of chapati cooked on a chulha.
  • Eating together, mother serving the food.

Now lets think why this spirit is not there in cities ..

Root cause is, no one is having time in cities. Situation are so worse in major cities that parents are not having time for their children so there is no point talking about whether they will have time for neighbours or families.
Another cause is money mindedness, all they think about is money, how to earn more. So even if they are having time they are interested in earning more not caring their neighbours or families.

नहीं लम्हा भी जिसकी दस्तरस में
वही सदियो की तैयारी करे हैं  
                       ~वसीम बरेलवी

And being practical is an excuse eating all of their emotions. I am ashamed of saying they are becoming emotionless.

My question is can we save villages from these diseases giving all the facilities ??

If answer is yes then next question is how ??
Will they cook any more on a chulha when they will be provided a machine in which Rotis will be made automatically ??

Mentality is a thing we can't force to anybody and specially in a healthy democracy. 

So, what is solution ??

Government should create an awareness department whose job will be to keep an eye on all the changes in behaviour of people when they are given facilities and aware them, educate them. Spiritual and moral education gonna play a major role.

All the solutions are invited, I will try they will reach to Gujarat government.

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Baba Ramdev and his Demands

From last two weeks Baba Ramdev is in lime light, Some people are die hard fans of baba. Where as some people are against baba, but all are having an opinion about baba. Some are discussing about whether baba is fraud or its his publicity stunt or he is having political aims blah blah blah. And some are like We follow baba whatever he say is god`s words for us. Some have sympathy about baba that "whatever happened at the midnight was very wrong and against the democracy". But No one or very few cares to read Baba`s demands and what is their opinion upon those demands. So here my main focus would be on Baba`s demands , Whether his demands (Not he) are good for country or not.

First of all I will describe demands of baba :-

1.  Tough Lokpal Bill, with a provision for death sentence for the corrupt, especially corrupt officials

2. Immediate return of all black money stashed away in tax havens abroad to the country

3. Declaring all wealth in foreign countries being held illegally by Indians as national property and charging those with such accounts under the sedition laws

4.  Abolishing Rs.1,000 and Rs.500 currency notes

5.  Disabling the operations of any bank which belongs to a country that is a tax haven

6.  Replacing the British-inherited system of governance, administration, taxation, education, law and order with a swadeshi alternative

7.  Reforming the electoral system to ensure that the Prime Minister is directly elected by people

8.  Ensuring that all citizens declare annually their incomes

9.  Bringing income-tax details under the Right to Information Act

10.  Increasing substantially the Minimum Support Price of grains

11.  Making wages of different categories of laborers uniform across the country

12.  Revoking the Land Acquisition Act, as farmers should not be deprived of their land for industry

13.  Promoting Hindi at the expense of English. 

Now I will write my opinion about these demands

I am completely agree with first five demands, sixth demand is good but I can`t understand what are swadeshi Alternatives so I can`t comment.
However , I don`t agree with the seventh demand because I have seen condition of Jaipur Nagar Nigam Which is having mayor of different party and Board (Majority of Parshad ) of different party, its hard to a decision in such conditions.

I agree with 8 to 12 .

I think 13 th is possible if India becomes economic global power otherwise its impractical.

i hope you will read this article with open mind and do write your views in the comments. Hope , We will have a healthy discussion.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

National Consumer HelpLine

“National Consumer Helpline” has been set in the University of Delhi with support from the Department of Consumer Affairs, Govt. of India.

No. is :-


Its a toll free no.

 You can call and file complaints.

You can follow NCH on twitter 

For more details visit

Jaago Grahak Jaago

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Top 50 private B-school of India

Today I am Posting top 50 business institutes of India, Hope it will help you.

1. Jeviyer labour relation institute, jamshedpur, jharkhand.

2. S. P. jain institute of management and research, mumbai, maharashtra .

3. Mudra institute of communication , ahmadabad , gujrat.

4. IMT, ghaziabad, UP

5. Jeviyerinstitute of management , bhuvaneshwar, orissa.

6. T.A. pai management institute, manipal, sikkiam.

7. k.j. somaiya institute of management studies and research, mumbai, maharashtra.

8. institute of management, nirma university, ahmadabad, gujrat

9. kraist university, institute of management, banglore.

10. aacharya institute of management and sciences, banglore .

11. EMPI business school , Delhi

12. Indus Business academy, bangalore

13. Lovely Professional University, fagwara, punjab.

14. gyan jyoti institute of management and technology, mohali, punjab

15 Fortune institute ofinternational business, delhi

16. eastern institute for integrated learning in management, kolkata .

17. International institute of business studies, Banglore

18. Skyline Business school, New delhi

19. Asian School business management, bhuwaneshwar, orissa

20. Takshshila Business school, jaipur, rajasthan ..

21. Rajgiri center for business studies , kochi, kerala

22. shiva shivani institute of management, sikandarabad, Andhrapradesh

23. Accurate institute of management and tech., greater noida

24. Netaji subash institute of management sciences, delhi

25. sanghvi institute of management and science, indore, MP

26. Achayrya`s bangluru b-school (ABBS)

27. KLS institute of management education and research, belgaon, karnataka

28. National School of Business, banglore

29. I.T.S. institute of management, Gr. Noida UP

30. Dept. of Management studies, Amrapali institute, uttarakhand.

31. Dra. Gaur hari singhaniya  institute of management and research, kanpur, U.P.

 32. I.P.S. academy  institute of business managementand research indore, MP

33. Shiva institute of management studies, ghaziabad, UP

34. Indus business Academy, Gr. Noida, UP

35. Balaji institute of modern management, pune, maharashtra (BIMM)

36. Sidhh gangainstitute of technlogy, tumkur, karnataka

37. IIKM Business school, chennai

38. Dutta Megha institute of management studies , nagpur, maharashtra

39. Jagannath international management school, new delhi

40. school of management studies, wales university, chennai

41. aloysiyas institute of management and information technology, manglore, karnataka

42. AICAR business school, Neral, maharashtra

43. ICBM school of business excellence, Hyderabad

44. The Oxford college of business management, banglore

45. Holygrace academy of management studies , kerala

46. arked business college, patna, bihar

47. Bharat University, Department of management studies, chennai

48.Aryan business school, chandigarh

49. Oriental education society , navi mumbai, maharashtra

50. Maharaja agrasen institute of management and technology , jagardhi, haryana

Source: Menline accurate Media Network via Bhaskar Lakshya

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

How many members legislative council can have?

Today, I will explain how many members legislative council(Vidhan Parishad) of a state in India can have.

~ It has not more than one third of the total number of MLAs in the state.

~ Not Less than 40.

However, Legislative Council of Jammu and Kashmir has 36 members vide Section 50 of the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir.

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How Members of Legislative Council are elected

Today, I will explain how members of legislative council (vidhan parishad) of a state in India are elected.

1. One third(1/3) by MLAs among people who are not part of it.

2. One third by electorates(matdata). And Electorates includes members of municipalities, district boards and other local bodies in the states.

3. One-twelfth by electorate consisting of persons who have been, for at least three years, engaged in teaching in educational institutions within the state not lower in standard than secondary school.

4.One-twelfth by registered graduates of more than three years standing.

5. Remaining members are nominated by Governor from among those who have distinguished themselves in literature, science, art, cooperative movement and social service.

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

How to play sitoliya

Today, I will explain how to play sitoliya step by step. In maharashtra it is called lingorchya, pitthoo in haryana and lagori in karnataka.

Now how it is played:-

1. 7 piece of stones. Stones should be such that we can make heap of them.
2. A Ball.
3. A ground.

Teams :- You can make two teams as many players can play it. just equally divide them. A minimum of six players will be good.

Step 1 :- Make heap of 7 stones in the center.

Step 2 :- From center, measure around 8 feet to mark line from where one of the team throw ball to the heap of stones.

Step3 :- Now 1 team will bat and other will field , decide it by toss or mutual understanding.

Step 4 :- 1 player of batting team will throw the ball and one player of fielding team will stand to catch the ball. And others will spread in the ground.

Step 5 :- batting team can not cross the boundaries otherwise they are out.

Step 6 :- Now player will throw the ball.

case 1:- opponent player catches the ball in one tip and stones are not destructed then player will be out next player will come.
case2 :- opponent player can not catch the ball and stones are also not destructed then he will get another chance up to 3 and after three chances he will out and next player will come.
case3 :- opponent player catches the ball and also stones are destructed then player will get chance from one.
case4 :-  opponent player can not catch the ball and stones are destructed now the drama begins.

step 7 :- The aim of the batting team is to arrange stones back in the heap then shout sitoliya and fielding team is to hit the ball to batting player.

step 8 :- Fielding team can not run while having ball in the hand, they can pass the ball to their teammates.

step 9 :- If batting team is able to arrange stones back they will got one point and their all players who are out will alive again.

step 10 :- If fielding team is able to hit the ball to any one of batting team member then whole batting team will be out and fielding team will do batting.

step 11 :- The team which scores seven points first will be winner.

Following Skills are required to play the game :-

1. Throwing ball.
2. Escaping hit from ball if you are in batting team.
3. Arranging stones quickly if you are in batting team.
4. Distracting opposite team from the stones.

This is how sitoliya is played. If you have any problem then we will discuss it in comments.

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