Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Criteria for a national political party in india

Here I am giving information on criteria for a national party in India.
The party should fullfill one of the three requirements:-

1)A 'national party' needs to contest from four states and get at least six per cent votes from at least four states or

2)Get two percent of total seats in the Lok Sabha from at least three states or

3) It should be a party recognised as a state party in at least four states.

Criteria for a state political party in india

There are 6 national parties in India

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Bal Thakerey praises sunil gavaskar

Bal Thackeray praises sunil gavaskar for his contribution to maharashtra selecting 4 to 5 marathi in indian cricket team . Was it a praise or a slap on his wonderful career and his Honesty???

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Language should be no bar

Maximum Population of India grow up speaking his mother tongue it may be Hindi or other local language but in studies he has pressure to learn in English. now problem is that first he has to understand English then his subject. what i think is language should be no bar the main concentration should be on concepts.

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Indian Problems are My Problems

Jai Hind,
I do not critisize India for its problems.
I think It is my problem and I have to solve this.
Keep this attitude and work for better tommorow.
Sushant Jain
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India is My Religion

You hit the Kashmir, but you missed INDIA! You hit the Parliament, but you missed INDIA! You hit Mumbai yesterday and you hit helpless innocent people but STILL missed INDIA!
Because India isn’t about a building or two, not about Hindu or Muslim, India isn’t even about a bunch of bodies. India is about a SPIRIT. A spirit which fills your heart with love and non-violence. A spirit which is about to make India a super power within 61 years of its existence.
You have attacked a land which gave shelter to our ancestors who invaded India from Europe, shelter to invaders from Middle East, shelter to the Imperialistic Britain, a nation which gave YOU PAKISTAN with tears in its eye. You have attacked a nation where a lady of Catholic origin sacrifices the post of Prime Minister of India for a Sikh man who takes his oath under a great Muslim President to govern a nation of over 80% Hindus. You killed a 2 year old Jewish boy who was celebrating his 2nd birthday. He did not know if he was a Muslim, Hindu or Jew. All he knew was his parents and you killed them too. You have made me numb with the figures thrown at us every day, 100 people killed yesterday 200 killed today.
I am not a Hindu, or a Muslim, or a Christian, Sikh or Jew. I AM INDIA and India is my religion. Yes you have read it right, India is my religion. You guys need to understand that we don’t live in India. India lives in us. You can not kill INDIA by killing few people in the name of religion because our religion itself is INDIA.
And from now on you better sleep with one eye open.
Indian Sushant

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