Monday, November 23, 2009

Language should be no bar

Maximum Population of India grow up speaking his mother tongue it may be Hindi or other local language but in studies he has pressure to learn in English. now problem is that first he has to understand English then his subject. what i think is language should be no bar the main concentration should be on concepts.

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  1. shushant, This was a problem in India, but now if you see the modern education system you will feel that the language is not a problem, the only problem is that we are not accepting the modern education.May be this is due to our government or by the people who are selecting these people.India is a country where we respect all the language and religion so what is the problem with English,and also don't think that people are ignoring their culture it is in our blood we are Indian and always indian.

  2. Bhavesh, You took me wrong dear..
    I am just saying that we sud hve independency of learning in any language and all sud be given equal opportunities.
    what u know sud be a deal but in wat language u can express that, dat sud not be any deal.


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