Saturday, February 5, 2011

Article on Police and common man

This is an article on police and common man.
Rajasthan police is having a slogan Apradhiyo me dar , aam admi me vishvaas . Now don`t start laughing. This is true. and if you not believe me then ask any rajasthani he will confirm it.

But what`s happening in rajasthan is just opposite of it. Aparadhi  is having vishvaas that police will not take any action against us and by chance if they did so then just a bribe of rs 100 will save them.

and aam admi is having dar by the police. They even don`t want to go to police station. They say "In  police valo se to na dosti achchhi hain na dushmani". And one of my friend says "Daakan to fir bhi ek ghar chhod deti hain ye police vale to vo bhi nahi chhodte".

Things should really change and policeman should make us believe that "we are also human like you only". and they should maintain the law. And aparadhi should be threatened.

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  1. not only in Rajasthan...more or less it is the same scenario every where....
    "Apradhiyo ko vishvaas , aam admi me dar"
    its pathetic.. really
    just keep ur fingure croosed n hope for the best

  2. Really...

    And we can`t help it much...

  3. why Rajasthan only
    this is the story of India.
    reality of India

  4. Hey...I happens everywhere in India.

  5. @shalet

    Thnx for commenting here...

  6. I have heard this at Saket market.
    Police Se Bada Koi Goonda Nahin.
    What can we expect when such words are said by a boy of around 18?

  7. @ bk chowla sir,
    Thats what i m pointing out common man is fade up of police....


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