Friday, February 11, 2011

Gilli Danda

Once upon a time there was a famous street game in the nation. That game was called Gilli Danda. My father used to play it in his childhood. I am not writing this post to make it popular once again, I am writing  it just to keep a history.

Gilli Danda

Now how It was played. Take a look:-

Accessories :- 1. Gilli - 3 inches long 1 inch diameter at the centre
                       2. Danda - 2 feet long and 1-inch in diameter

From image gilli and danda are clear. Gilli is smaller than danda and tapered at both ends as you can see in the image.

Teams :- You can make two teams as many players can play it. Just equally divide them into two teams.

step 1:- Toss the coin. The team which wins it can select batting or fielding.

step 2:- A circle and hole made in the center from where batsman will bat.

step 3:- First player of team who is batting will bat and other team is spread in the ground to catch.

step 4:- Batsman lifts the gilli high in the air with the danda hitting the gilli at one end (tapered) and quickly strikes it.

case 1:- Batsman not able to strike the gilli in 3 continuous chance then he is out and next player of same team will come to bat.

case 2:- Batsman strikes the ball and fielder catches it before it touches the ground  then also he is out and next player of same team will come to bat.

case 3:- Batsman strikes the ball and gilli not caught then distance is measured from the center to where gilli falls and each danda is equal to one point.

step 5:- Each batsman of first team bat and we total the points team scored.

step 6:- Now fielding team bat and batting team fields and the team which scores more points will win the match.

however, In every street there were different rules .

Today I give condolence to this game. May it always remembered.
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  1. hhmmm... condolence to Gilli Danda.... ha haaa

    thnx for reminding my those days, though i never had that well finished Gilli Danda as u shown here in foto.. this one looks quite fancy !!!

  2. @ Irfanuddin sir,

    Ur welcome..

    Thnx for comment..

  3. beautiful post
    i used to play this game.

  4. Its an interesting game .you might have played it in your young age . you have explained it step -wise .Written very nicely.
    congrats .

  5. You sure have the patience for hard research.
    Good job.

  6. Hi Sushant. This is a really interesting blog with lots of information that is not easy to find elsewhere on the net. Obviously some serious research has gone into this. Keep it up and God bless.

  7. @ Mathews

    Thnx for the encouragement....

  8. Hurraaaaahhhhhhhhhh

    I remember my days when i used to play gilli dhanda.


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