Thursday, January 13, 2011

Criteria for BPL family in india

Today I will explain criteria for BPL family in India.

~A family whose income annual income is less than Rs 20,000 and
~Not having 2 hactares of land/ pucca ghar / TV/ fridge / Motor cycle etc.

3,87,660 families are declared BPL in 9th survey in 2002.

 In Kerala however criteria is different.

click here to know criteria in kerala

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  1. if actually measured... half of India is under poverty line.. for none is able to fulfill dreams in one lifetime

  2. agree with u dear.... but rules r rule.... what can be done,,,,???

    ( "if i could...." my new post )

  3. @Irfanuddin- What i think is one more category should be there other than BPL and APL because one earning rs 56/day is not rich in any way...

  4. agree wid u... in fact we r being ruled by the rules framed during Britishers....or just after there farewell... these has to be amended, sooner than later.

  5. And good thing is now people becoming aware and soon we can see changes in the system.. Lets hope..

  6. we need to increase awareness

  7. what is the procedure for getting a bpl card?

  8. dear now people know but still dont want to change the system


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