Thursday, January 27, 2011

Was it right or wrong?

On 26 jan.when whole nation was celebrating 62nd republic day, at 8:00 PM somebody murdered a guy whose age was just around 31. He came with a purpose to loot him. The police was caught badly drunk. It was 6th incident in town in just 2 and half month. No one is arrested yet in last 5 incidents. One caught was escaped due to poor clause. The Outrageous public jammed the national highway no. 8. Was it right or wrong??
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  1. Blocking a road or forcing a closer (Bund) is not at all the solution for all this happening around... what is ultimately the result of blocking NH or any road, only the common commuters face trouble.... we must look for some other way of protest, something constructive n fruitful !!!

  2. @IRFANUDDIN sir,
    I am not getting what we should exactly do...
    The murderer of pappu meena (Incident before 2 and half month in front of police chowki) is not arrested yet.


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