Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Aankh vala andhaa

This is an article on prime minister manmohan singh regarding corruption and recent 2-g spectrum scam.

He is blind. But he do not know that he is because he is having an eye.
There are two types of blinds in the world. One, without eyes and second having eyes. Blinds, Not having eyes are recognised easily but it is hard to recognise the ones with eyes. But he is, definitely a blind with eye.
He is not able to see anything or we can say he do not want to see anything.

In past There was three monkeys of gandhiji(Mahatma Gandhi). One closed his eyes, one closed ears and one closed mouth. But today,gandhiji(Sonia gandhi) is having only one. and he has closed his eyes as well as his ears and mouth. He is following the gandhi in the way-bura mat dekho, bura mat suno, bura mat kaho.

CAG Report said that we had revenue loss of Rs 1.76 lakh crore due to non-auctioning of the spectrum. The point is what was PM doing when this policy is applied? The Supreme Court rightly asked, was the Prime Minister sleeping?  India`s biggest scandal happened in his cabinet and he is sitting in his PMO having a finger on his mouth just like a child of LKG.

Congress gave a statement that PM is honest.  He did not knew about it.  The whole case justifies an old statement of Lal krishna advani that "he is weakest prime minister ever" .  Has he any value in the cabinet or not?

After biggest scam ever opposition is asking for the JPC which is quite natural but congress is not accepting it. congress has a list of excuses. Whole winter session has wasted. Congress is not accepting the demand of JPC . What congress wants to hide? if congress is very innocent then it should not hesitate from any enquiry.

Mean while PM once broke the silence and said "I am ready to appear against PAC" . And after within 24 hours pranab da threatened him saying that "he should not give any statement without discussing". really he is very weak Prime minister.

Now I expect from the BJP as a good opposition stick with his demand of JPC and from PM take the permission of sonia gandhi to clarify what he was doing when the biggest scandal happened???
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  1. PM was indeed sleeping. Now he also claims ''he has nothing to hide''

  2. @ Always happy:-

    It is not acceptable...

  3. corruption-corruption-corruption...... its not only abt 2G or ne other scam, but let ne1 scam be there...... our authorities, including the PM seems to be like a man having eyes but pretending to be blind....

  4. @irfanuddin......
    Thats exactly what i want to say..

  5. Yes, he must be deaf, dumb and blind not to see the pervasive corruption all around him.

  6. rightly said.. blind.. by choice though. I guess there must be something for everyone in this all scams for none is reacting to do something.
    god knows what is awaiting for India now?

  7. @Deepika:
    On the issue of getting back black money from swiss and other countries also they are silent and doing nothing....


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