Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Home

Home is not just made of walls, doors and windows. It needs something more. Home can be made heaven or hell. It completely depends on the members of it. Look at a sher –

मैं कुछ बेहतर ढूंढ रहा हूँ
घर में हूँ घर ढूंढ रहा हूँ                       -Vigyan Vrat

Here I am giving some tips to make a home heaven.

~ Take dinner together – Set your busy schedule in such a manner that at dinner you are with your whole family.

~Respect each other- Follow the policy “give respect and take respect”. Sometimes also show them that you are giving respect to them. Small things like birthday and anniversary wishing matters a lot, a lot … Keep it mind.

~Prioritize your family- Give priority to your family over your friends, office members etc. and also show them that you are giving priority to them.

~Communicate with each other – If you are disagree with others on some issues then don`t stop communication. Communicate with them and sort out the problem. Remember never stop communication.

~Trust each other

~Anger is natural but if one is angry then other should keep silence.

~Start morning with fresh mind.

I hope this article will be valuable. At last-

उसके घर जो दुनिया भर हैं
उस दुनिया में कितना घर हैं                     -Vigyan Vrat
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  1. very Useful contents... Maja a gaya...

  2. Hmmm... Good
    Take dinner together .. You are absolutely rite...

  3. @Mitesh.. Thanx... If I cud make only 1 happy home, my purpose solved...

  4. @Dipesh... taking Dinner and lunch together is what indian tradition teaches us. But We wants to be western these days..


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