Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ten important suggestions for election

The article is taken from rasrang,dainik bhaskar. The cover story is from Aditya shankar dubey. I translated it into English. I may or may not agree with the suggestion. We will discuss about each point in the comments.
The suggestions are:-

1) Compulsory voting: The voting should be compulsory from gram panchayat to parliament.

2) Cancel public representative : People should be given right to cancel the selection of a public representative by voing if they are not satisfied by his work.

3) Elect party, not candidate : Voters elect their favorite party instead of electing a candidate and candidate of that party will be elected.

4)Fifty Percent votes are compulsory : To win a election the candidate must get fifty percent votes. If winner candidate has not got 50% vote then in next Stage election will be between first two candidate.

5)All elections together: All election whether gram panchayat or state or center should be done together.

6) If no party gets the majority in election then all party togther will form the government.

7) Control on number of parties : Election committee should operate the process of registration of party on the basis of their performance in the election. Election committee should increase The minimum number of primary member  of a party.

 8) Bail amount should be increased to control not serious candidates.

9) Only One Seat: Candidates must not allowed to contest election from more than one seat.

10) One Voter list: For all elections whther parliament or assemblies or else , Only one voter list should be used.
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  1. 1) ya.. we must cast our vote
    2) quite difficult to act upon
    3) again not seems practical, bcoz some times good party selects a wrong candidate or it can be vise versa
    4) this something necessary to be done
    5) quite difficult to manage the show all together
    6) i think there is already a concept for National Govt.
    7,8,9) these can have good impct on the system if implemented
    10) as far as i know there is already one voter list concept being used
    ”Bapu and Violence”

  2. @Irfanuddin sir,

    1)There is difference between "we must cast vote" and compulsory voting. In compulsory voting If one does not vote then there will be legal action against him and "we must cast vote" is our duty and it exists already.

    2) I think e-voting can do the trick but again in near future not possible...


    4)I am agree but however, to implement it my view is different. This should be done in a way which is similar to the election of president of india. People should not elect one candidate but they should give preferences to the candidates. and the winner candidate will be declared very similar to vote is done in president election.
    Click here to know how president of India is elected .
    It will solve the problem in a way:-
    a)Candidate having support of more than 50% voters will be elected.
    b)In many election "vote katuva" are there whose job is just to cut votes of other candidate. So that a candidate who is not suitable wins the election.And this problem will be solved.
    c)We can control alliance politics by applying this.

    5)Agree with you. And will face problem if mid elections are there.

    6)I don`t know what is national government please explain...

    7),8),9) These must be applied soon.

    10) ok

  3. compulsory voting Narendra Modi passed the law but no one cared and no one supported him.
    on this voting i have written lot


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