Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How to apply for NREGA

Today, I will explain what is the process of registering to NREGA and how to get job from it.

NREGA is an Act to provide a legal guarantee of 100 days of wage employment
in a year to every rural household whose adult members volunteer to do
unskilled manual work. He/she will get the minimum wage rate notified for
agricultural labour in the State until the Central Government notifies a minimum
wage rate, which in any case shall not be less than Rs. 60 per day.

To Apply for the NREGA give an application to gram panchayat .

Panchayat will verify two things:-
1) are you an adult
2) are you belong to same village.

Then they will issue a job card for you (this should be done within 15 days) :-

Now to get employment you should submit application to the gram panchayat or programme officer(at block office). The demand has to be for at least 14 days of continuous work.
Not forget to take reciept from gram panchayat.
Then a letter from panchayat will come with information of your job. If your job is not within 5 km radius you will get allowance for it.
You will get your payment weekly.

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  1. I am an adult with a family of my own and a permanent resident of my village. Will my Village Panchayat refused me a job card at will? To who do I apply for redressal.


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